Printing System

This easy , quick and safe to use system can produce very realistic iris patters on a soft lens. You will need to use this with our Opaque and Spectratint system, to produce cosmetic contact lenses, prosthetic contact lenses, hand painted contact lenses, and special effects (FX) contact lenses.

Prosthetic/Cosmetic Printing System

The Nexgen cosmetic printing system works with our Spectratint colouring system to allow an opaque cosmetic lens to be easily and quickly produced. By laying the wet soft lens on the convex base, then using a combination of masks it is even possible to make a multi-colour black iris cosmetic lens. The colours are stable and the opaque will last if the correct cleaning regime is utlized. The Preservative EDTA will remove the opaque, so be sure not to have this product in contact with the opaque lens. this is a manual system and is only for low volumes.


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