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The CityCrown Manual Lathe is the most widely used machine in the Contact Lens Industry and is well known for its reliability and robustness. The Manual Lathe is available in two options: Single Slide (Ref No: 5000-0001) and Lenticular Compound Slides (Ref no: 5000-0002). The Manual Lenticular Lathe is also available with a single slide radius cartridge.

The lenticular lathe fitted with the double top slide assembly is capable of producing the two lenticular curves in one pass giving a smooth transition. These craftsman-built hand-operated lathes are designed to meet high standards of contact lens manufacture.
They are suitable for producing high precision specials or they will readily fit into a production flow line. Each machine has a variable spindle speed up to 9000 rev/min. The spindle and motor are both dynamically balanced and during manufacture, when the machine is fully assembled, it is balanced en masse to eliminate vibration throughout the speed range. These lathes can produce both concave and convex surfaces using hard, soft and gas permeable materials.

Manual Lathe Key Features

  • Universal for Front and Back cutting
  • Simplicity of operation


  • Headstock: Precision dovetail slides
  • Spindle: Dynamically balanced, fitted with Abec 9 bearings
  • Spindle drive: 24 DC motor, variable speed 0 – 9000 RPM, Dynamically braked when switched off
  • Collet mechanism: Lever operated, quick release unit, collet pressure adjustable. Threaded drawbar incorporated in spindle
  • Lenticular slide assembly: Fitted with Abec 7 bearings. Two slides move axially and independent to each other
  • Single slide: Cartridge and slide of cast iron construction, fitted with handle.
  • Electrical supply: 110, 115, 200, or 230 volts. 50 Hz or 60 Hz single phase consumption 1Kw
  • Dimensions: Width 730 mm, depth 280mm, height 360 mm.
  • Weight: Lenticular version, 82 Kg; Single slide version: 76 Kg.



CityCrown PAL Universal Lathe

A compact low profile unity/universal lathe which is economical;y priced. This machine is good for all round use in small labs and particularly suited to large labs for experimental work. and/or special tasks.


Manual Diametering Attachment

An attachment that can be fitted to the manual lathe. It has a rack and pinion operation for positive control. A positive presenting stop for diameter control. Direct ready from dial gauge.


Polytech 1800a

Computer Controlled Universal Multicurve Lathe allowing base curves and front surfaces to be cut. This machine comes equipped with an Air Bearing Spindle as standard. Price includes operator training.

The machine has been totally reconditioned, resprayed and offered with full warranty.

It can be supplied with a Polytech taper spindle for use with the Insert System or universal collet spindle.


Chase Manual Lathe

The Chase lathe 3900 is a manually operated machine designed to produce single or lenticular curves on soft and RGP materials. These easy to use, and low maintenance machines offer very good value for money.

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